Accessing our own funds, and using our own direct purchasing power, our rates will be among the very best. This gives you the option to outright purchase or lease purchase, or simply go with an operating lease with or without maintenance.

If Contract Hire or a Fleet Management Lease is not for you, then we have Finance options including Operating Lease, Finance Lease and Hire Purchase which will satisfy your need to drive down cost with a simple monthly payment over a negotiated period and on personalised terms.

Operating Lease

The key benefits of an Operating Lease are similar to Contract Hire, but exclude the degree of basic asset management that is inbuilt. You hire the vehicle from us for an agreed term at a fixed monthly rate. An operating lease is suitable for those operators who seek the flexibility to manage their own vehicle maintenance needs.

Total Reefer
Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is a fixed term contract which allows you the benefit of use of an asset without ultimate ownership. This also enables minimum capital outlay and fixed monthly rentals. The VAT Is paid monthly on the lease value rental and the payments can be aligned with asset revenue streams and can be offset against business profits.

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Hire Purchase

HP is instalment financing for those who ultimately wish to own the asset. With fixed monthly payments, the VAT is payable at the outset and not monthly and offers you the opportunity to directly reclaim capital allowances. Hire Purchase gives you ownership of the asset and can be tailored to your cash-flow requirements.

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