Krone is one of Europe’s largest and most successful trailer manufacturers, it is over a century old, and has been building semi-trailers for roughly half of that time.

Although the bulk of the Krone trailers seen on our roads are pulled by European hauliers, that’s changing, as a growing number of UK operators start to appreciate the solid build quality of its products. They’re proving particularly popular with UK hauliers like GBA Services, who work on the continent or have foreign subsidiaries.

The trailer manufacturer has an extensive product portfolio, including its Profi Liner and Mega Liner curtainsiders, Cool Liner refrigerated trailers, Dry Liner box vans and Box Liner skeletals. The Krone Group owns German trailer axle manufacturer Gigant, which produces Krone Trailer Axles on its behalf, but other brands can be fitted as specified by customers. All Krone trailers receive a cathodic dip and powder coating, offering maximum protection from corrosion.

Krone has four manufacturing facilities in Germany, and one in Turkey.

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